Sunday, February 14, 2016


Have taken a bit of a break updating the blog but plan to try to keep it going regular again here in the near future, as well i will fix many expired links from the early days of the blog, which brings me to an exciting (and unofficial) invisible little slab of wax i came across years ago and introduced here early on in the blog is getting an upcoming official issue on the great dutch label Music From Memory!
Makes sense they'd be interested in this midwestern sonic oddity and am happy to have had a small hand in getting Virgil Work Jr. & Nic Georgieff's 'Workdub' project heard again.


  1. glad to see yr back. yr blog is an inspiration...

  2. Amazing track & discovery! Thanks. Hope MFM release the whole LP… would love to hear the other tracks. Look forward to the fixed links for earlier treasures.

  3. Your blog is killer,really did some amazing discoveries here...!